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AMIT Productions

- Business Management & Booking -

'AMIT' Productions is very unique in its mission and scope. Our goal is to produce important musical moments in the history of Jazz and American popular music. We actually research the archives where some of the original music and artifacts are housed and utilize performers who were associated professionally with those Orchestras and iconic bandleaders when they were alive. Our shows are the closest thing to seeing the original performances had we been there when it happened. While we re-create, we are not a museum piece. We feel strongly that in order to make our presentations as exciting as the original, they must involve fresh and imaginative solos and improvisational work, just as the originals did. Collectively, our productions are a time machine transporting our audiences back in time where they witness first hand the exciting moments in our history that shaped the evolution of American music. We are fortunate to be working with The Capital Jazz Orchestra along with the other various artists and ensembles in our productions and the incredible talent and rich experience that they bring to the stage.

James Rasmsay

Business Manager

PHONE: (603) 496-8969

Jim oversees all of the business affairs under AMIT Productions including contracts, public relations, merchandising and finance. Jim, being a full partner in AMIT Productions, has an all-encompassing role and his business background makes him indispensable to our organization. 

C J Poole

Booking Coordinator & Touring Manager

PHONE: (603) 387-3208

CJ is the point person for all bookings, and initial inquiries for the artists and shows under our management. He has extensive background in musical production, promotion and live performance. In addition, CJ is pivotal in the coordination of touring road management, travel and technical needs within the organization. 


Sound Engineer

Klondike Resources



PHONE: (413) 522-5566

Klon has handled all of the Capital Jazz Orchestra's shows and tours since inception. He is one of the most sought after sound engineers in the country. Having coordinated sound for venues including the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival and special events for The White House. It is our great privilege to have Klon overseeing the sound needs of the CJO and all of its presentations. 

Klon (Sound)
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